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Ghost Music is a collaboration between John M. Adams and Matt Sargent. Sargent composed a score for percussionist Bill Solomon, which Solomon plays live as Adams creates a drawing in real time influenced by Solomon's performance of the score.
Adams and Sargent began developing the concept in the summer of 2008 and exchanging ideas, sound and image files electronically as the two are separated by hundred of miles, with Adams in the DC Area and Sargent in Hartford, CT. Solomon performed the score live for an audience for the first time in November, 2009. On March 15, 2010 Adams, Sargent and Solomon performed the complete piece at the Arlington Arts Center for the first time. This performance was recorded on video and edited by Devan Mulvaney (Brooklyn, NY). The first 14 images posted are stills from Mulvaney's video.
The second set of images featuring Adams and Solomon were taken on April 23, 2011 by Matt Sargent during the first live of Ghost Music performance with both components in front of a live audience This performance took place at the Neighborhood Music School in New Haven CT as part of the "Uncertainty Music" Series.